The First Kick?

Yes, officially I am pregnant now. For 4 months. I hope it will be a baby boy. But any gender will be okay. Just hoping that she or he will be healthy. Everybody keep asking me about this 'first kick'. Actually I am not so sure about that because I feel something inside me moving when I am hungry. I don't know, is that his or her first kick or not.

So I pass the big question about when I will get pregnant. You know, in Indonesia when you get married, for a few month you are going to hear this same question. Are you pregnant now? Or have you pregnant? In bahasa 'kapan hamil?'. Kind of annoying question, especially for me. I don't like people asking me this question. Don't be so rude to people who just get married.

Maybe so many people, in Indonesia, think that having a baby is the most important thing in married life. I am Indonesian but for me, you just have to be happy in your life. Anything can come and go in our life. Just enjoy every proccess.

Now, I am trying to improve my writing English skill, I hope my writing not so broken English. So you can enjoy every story on my blog.


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