Why People Too Care About Other Bussiness?

I really don't understand how people give attention to other's life. Really? Why you too care for someone else but it doesn't give you any benefit. This is not only about money but kindness is something that connect you to Allah. If it doesn't give you money or doesn't make you connected to your Lord, why you do that kind of things? Because for me, I don't care for something that bring me no benefit at all.

But not everybody have the same opinion like me. Most of them have very different opinion. I know. Not everybody have mom like mine. They just want to know and don't care if there is no benefit at all. It disturbs me very much. Because I don't like people always asking something that I don't want to answer. For someone who is younger that me, it easier to say “I don't want to answer that question” or “I don't like that kind of question”. Buat for the older one, like older sister in law like I have. I have 5 sister in law and all of them older than me.

Sometime I don't like they ask me a lot of question. In my mind, I always talk to myself like “why they keep ask me a lot of question?”. My mom didn't ask me like that. So I grow up like this. Not so much question from older people. But I can accept my mom's question. Because she is my mom. How about not my mom at all? I hate they questioning me. What for? Just because you want to know something, you don't have to make a silly question that I don't want to answer.

I hate people annoy me like that. Just treat me like I treat you. If I don't question your private things, there is a big meaning for you, don't ask me something private too.

That's why I always love being alone with my husband. I don't have to answer to a question that I don't want to.
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