Be Harder To Yourself

In studying I always try harder than other because I am that smart in most class. When lecture gives advice to read more thing in English, I do more. Not only reading but I try to write in English. I have to do this to improve my English. This is what I want to. Better in English. Be a smart girl when I pass all the class.

If you out there like me. Still a student in a campus. Try harder to be someone better than before. Because if you do too much wait, you will lost everything. Not everybody have good brain or a genius. Neither do I. I am only a ordinary student. You will not see my picture all over the wall with achievement. But you will see me reading some books in class. Or I just read e-book from my cellphone.

I believe that you will beat a stupid student if you are smart. But you can beat the smart student if you try harder than others in the class.

Writing in English is very hard. Because I use to do it in Indonesian. I write a lot of things in Bahasa. Faster than other. But because writing in English is hard, I must do it. I have too.

How about you? 
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