Because This Is Me!

I hope you read this blog because you need another story about me. Not all about me because sometimes I write about traveling and food. My main theme in this blog. But of course the food and traveling connected with myself. I am not a SEO mastah, who will write post and win in google search. I write all the thing I love or I want to talk about with all of you. Thanks for reading my blog. I forget to write in English more than Indonesian, sorry.

But I will write another posts in English, so if you don't speak Bahasa you still can read my blog in broken English. Not very good English, but I always hope yoou enjoy my life story. If you find posts in Indonesian you can use google translate to translate it.

I write this post because someone ask me about main theme for our blog. Like niche for it. Not random life story. But you will found that I wrote random story in my life. My real life mostly. Sometimes I wrote fiction. She want a main topic for her blog. If you ask me about that I will say, I want people read my blog because 'this is me'. Not about what I write, but they want to read it to stay close with me.  
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