Why I Don’t Want To Be A Teacher?

So many people asking me about not being a teacher. In Indonesia, most people think that being a government employee is the safe thing in the world. You get the same salary every month. After not being a teacher you still get money. Not be offensive but I don’t think, teaching salary is enough. For every hours we give and loyalty being a good teacher, government should pay more. We all need money. So I choose my own path.

If you asking the same question for me again, I still have the same answer, the teaching money or teacher salary is not enough at all. You have to go to a new place, not a city, but small village and teach student there. Don’t hope about technology there. You are lucky if you still get phone signal and connected to the ‘world’. Online world. I have my online business and I become a broadcaster here in Pontianak, and the last thing but the important thing in my life, I don’t have to be apart from my husband. Making money is not a woman responsibility, although I still earn some money everyday with my online shop and another business.

If you don’t want to be teacher why you studying in teacher faculty? *some people asking this question to me*

If you want to know the true story, I don’t have another faculty to get. I love Bahasa so I learn in teacher faculty because no other faculty about Bahasa. If I have another option, I want to learn the pure Bahasa not Bahasa for teacher. But I don’t regret what I choose, because this is my path and I learn a lot there. I met a lot people. Get so many experience. I want to be my child teacher not a school teacher. I want my baby to learn a lot from me. If I becoming a school teacher I believe, I will not have enough time to spend for my family everyday.

Still want to know why I don’t want to be a teacher? Because I just don’t want to be a school teacher.

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