Too Lazy Too Write On PC

I want to join a contest but anyway I am too lazy to switch on my computer. So I think writing on my android is the best thing I can do right now. Remember Tulis Nusantara? They have another contest, just like last year actually but different prize. The first winner will go to Beijing. I want it. But I don’t know will I win it again or not. Writing on PC is the easiest way to write digitally but when at home, I don’t want to use my computer at all.

Because I have another job like crafting or cooking. Sometime wash dishes and clothes. So you realize I try to write in English again? Too much Indonesian lately I think. Not very good to improve my English. So I try to write in broken English again. Apologize my English. just read it and I hope you understand what I mean in my post.

Writing on my phone make me writing short. You notice it right? Or not at all? Hahahaha… Touch screen makes me write short. Big keyboard always the best or just use your pen and paper but for save the world just choose the first option. That’s why I love writing with my computer. Touch screen sometime is a big disaster for a writer like me. But I still too lazy use my computer lately. I will use it. I promise. Because I want to join a contest and write another book. Yes! I want to write another novel. How about 300 novel or more in 10 years?

Having a big dream make us still alive. Because without dream, in my opinion, we are nothing more like a zombie. But life about choosing. What you choose is what you get. And I always believe that God, Allah SWT always gives the best thing for my life.

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