I Don't Do Writer's Block

Apologize my broken English. I always try to improve my English by writing some posts in English everyday if there is no ads post. Yeah some ads still need in Bahasa. Because most of this blogpost is in Bahasa Indonesia. Hope that will not bother you who always read this blog not in English and now you have to read it in my broken English. Today I try again to write in English. I hope I can join English Academy soon in Pontianak so I can try to write my blog post in not so broken English.

Do you do writer's block? From the beginning I always hear some writer said about they have this writer's block. I think in simple explaination, writer's block is writer with blockade in their mind. They can't write anywords on their paper or computer.

When I was a little girl I know what I want in my life. In my future life. I want to be a writer. No matter what will happen in my life. I always want to be that person. A writer. Not a professional writer or famous one. Just a writer. Who always write everyday. Because she love it so much. I think, because I am so in love in writing it makes me don't do writer's block. I don't have it. I write everday. If I am not writing, in my other rutines I am thinking what to write today or another day. It makes me feel alive.

Why we have to be someone with this 'writer's block' if we really love writing. Writing so peaceful. Gives meaning inside me. I always love to write. That's why nobody can stop me from write anything I like. Random things. You know I want to make this blog about travel and food. But in the end, I write so much about myself and not only about these two thing. It's not a big problem for me. I like it no matter what.

My parent makes me this way. They never asked me to do the woman's thing. They never teach me how to be a good woman in the future but they teach me how to make my life wonderful. Being the 'person' I want to be. Just ask inside yourself and be happy. Writing makes me happy, always. How can I have writer's block? It will makes me sad. So sad.

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