Why Should I Pay You More?

Some people please explain to my why they choose me to answer this question. 'How much client should pay us to write for their blog or website?'. Do I look like the right person to answer that question? Because in my humble opinion, you know the answer. Writing is your job, so how much you want for doing your job? Maybe you can try another question to me. Like 'how much you take for one post in your blog or out your blog?'. I am pretty sure I know the answer.

And you can decide how much fee you want from that client. If you want they pay you more than other writer, you have to show them at least 5 reasons. Because they want to know, how good you are. You should good enough for taking more money than other from that client. They maybe ask you to write in you blog, so you can give them 5 reason why you and your blog that expensive. Or they will ask you to write in their website or blog, you can give 5 reason for yourself.

You must think you are better or the best writer for that payment. Because if you are not pretty sure about yourself, you can not make another person believe that you are that good. But writing is not only about the money. I love writing so much. From elementary school, so I always writing everyday. This is my hobby. And some person see my ability to write. They want to pay me for writing about them. You know, like products or services. They want to get new costumers but they need me and my blog. So I write for their advertise. I take the money and save it for my future.

Sometime I take like $15-$100 for one post. It depends on the deal. Client will offer their price, you can take it or leave it. And you can make you own offer. Make sure it worth it.
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