Money Politic?

I've been tired watching television. Almost all of channel about politic. I know 9th April, a few days more, Indonesian people will be select a new president. Who will be the next president? Another man? Or another woman? Actually a few month ago I was thinking that I will not vote for anybody. In my country they named the unvoter 'golput' or golongan putih. Golongan putih or you can translate it in English as White Group, is someone who not select anybody for election. So they don't use their vote.

Last election I don't use my vote because I am working in Pontianak and I should go to my village for voting. My village not so near from Pontianak. So I just skip the election. This year, I will vote for someone. Because I am married and I can vote in Pontianak. I have my Pontianak ID card. So I am Pontianak resident now.

Talk about politic, not a big secret anymore that everybody who is president-wannabe want to do everything to get the highest vote. Even though they have to shell out a lot of money. I still remenber, in Indonesia, they have 'serangan fajar'. Serangan fajar means giving money in the morning of election day. They give the money to make us, the voter, vote for them. Dirty politic because of this person.

Why we have to vote for them? Because their giving us some money in the morning? So they can take more money from our country in the future? I want to vote for someone I really believe that he/she will do his/her best to make Indonesia better than today. Be the good president. You can't take money when you are dead. So we don't need that much money for ourself. We need air, land, and water for live in this world. Money just a bonus for us. 
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