Bingke Berendam

This is my favourite cake ever. I am not sure how to explain the texture and the taste. But if you know about klappertaart, bingke textture almost like that. Moist, soft, and fragrant. In Pontianak you can find this cake. Bingke is so common cake in my town. Not so hard to find it. With a lot of choice. But Bingke Berendam is the original one. Modern people make bingke in another varian. Not only Berendam or original. If you like cheese or potato you can buy Bingke Keju (Cheese Bingke) or Bingke Kentang (Potato Bingke).

Bingke's Brass always like this one.

You can slice one bingke to six pieces, so you can share it to another person you love. But for me, one brass only for myself. Bingke Berendam is too good to be eaten by another person. I will save six pieces for myself only. Hahahaha...

originally, bingke always sweet. But some producer make slaty bingke. Very suitable for diabetics. But this cake too much calorie. Not so healthy. Just becareful if you don't want to get sick or fat. You can make your own healthy bingke if you know the recipe. I will share the recipe in another post for you. Because I need to understand the recipe and write it in English. Actually it's so easy to make your own bingke. My difficulty is only in English.

I hope this post will make you love to come to Pontianak, West Borneo, Indonesia. I still have a lot of food I can share in this blog. If you follow this blog from the beginning and you can understand Indonesian, I am sure you read a lot of food posts. Not only about the food but some of them is traditional recipe from my town. I am not a good chef but I can cook some of traditional food here.

You can join me in my cooking adventure trough this blog. Just ask anything you want, mention me on twitter @honeylizious. I will love to listen to your question about my food and travel blog. 
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