Take A Chance You Never Know What Might Happen

How many times in this world we are afraid to take a chance. We think we can not do it. But do we really know what we will we faced when we grabbed that opportunity. We could have fallen. We can bleed and hurt. But then we'll get something. Something we will never experience if we miss that opportunity. Live only once. Live it the way you do.

Live every opportunity that comes across in this life. Do not miss out. Because fear will make us miss all occasions. Good chance. Bad chance. That is life really about. Everything is just a matter of who is willing to take a chance and be ready at all costs. What opportunities do you miss now? Opportunities that may not come two times. I agree, many opportunities that will come in our lives. But the opportunity came yesterday is different from today opportunity. 

Especially tomorrow. Life has shaped. Like a puzzle. When we take different steps to complete the puzzle pieces, then the next step would not be the same. It required to combine pieces of the puzzle that we can not equate. Do not make your own conclusions when considering an opportunity that comes along. Because there is no one who knows, what will happen if we take that chance.
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