How Many Hours It Took To Blog?

People around me tell me that they will not stand in front of the computer for hours for blogging. Because they know that my job just write on this blog other than broadcasting. Everyday. So they ask how long it took for me infront of a computer and typing? Actually it took me not very long everyday for blogging. Infact, I more often use the monitor to watch television. I only need 1-2 hours for blogging. Who can stand at home all day infront of the computer. 

Moreover, I can not stare at a computer screen for too long. Since the network that I use no longer bother me to surf. I can minimize the time it takes for writing, including posting the picture. 1-2 hours it's all I need to write 8 posts a day. If only one article it took me just 10-15 minutes. If I am so lazy to blog using my PC, I could use smartphone apps in android.

Blogger for android and android is blogaway for two blogging apps that I use frequently. Can also hell by sending an email to the blog post that I have prepared. But for e-mail post can not make the 'justify' option. This is the difference from blogger for android that is automatically 'justify'.
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