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Menampilkan postingan dari Juli, 2013

The Last 7

So this is the last 7. But not least because tomorrow I will write 8 posts a day. Big time! I don't know I will make or not. I hope so because I make another challenge crazily. I have to write 8 posts a day tomorrow but not in Indonesian. I have to write it full English. You can call me lunatic. Yeah I am lunatic. I am addict to my blog. I can' see no new post in one day. It's like broken hearted. Being lonely. So dead. But when I write alot posts everyday, it's make me feel so alive.

What Accent?

If you speak in English with me, I will try to speak English in British Accent. I think British Accent so beautiful. Although I am not so good in British Accent. I found out British Accent so sexy when I watch Sherlock Holmes from BBC. Benedict makes me fall in love in their accent. I am melting when I listen to British Accent.

Yeah I Make It!

Now I see, if I try harder, I can make it. I write a post, before this post in 7 minutes. Big day! Big day! Because a few post before takes 15-30 minutes to write. I am so glad I make it! LOL so happy and enjoy that I find my new way in blogging. Blogging in English who would know that? I never imagine it before because my English so broken and lack vocabularies. Sorry about my weak English. I am trying to fix it. Hope you all understand what I write in everypost. This is my best today. But I will improve it. Faster and better. Make it best in one year. Hey Honeylizious, do you have to blogging in English everyday for another year? Actually I am thinking about blogging in English till the last day of my life. I hope I can make it till that day. This is winning day. So wonderful day of my life. I love myself. Really. If I don't love it, who will? I wonder who will, really?

I Feel Better

Post in English makes me feel better. I don't know why. It's like starting over a new thing. A new blog. But I know this is still the same blog, same blogger, same spirit, from the same room. Maybe we just have to change something in our life to make it feel better. Think about cooking. You can cook the same meat everyday, but you can change how to cook it. You can steam it, fried it, or boiled. Take your pick. You can use everyway you want it to be. It's your choice. Just don't regret it. Because every single try have their own faith. Someway maybe will hurt you. Make you cry. But don't loose yourself, don't regret. Love yourself and make it better everytime you have chance to change.

God Always Know

Why we keep afraid what people say about us if the only one we will have to impress just God. I always believe in faith and God. Karma and everything follow them. And when we die, we have to face Him and take a big responsibility for everything we have done. What we take and give in our whole life. From what I believe, God always know about what I do every second in my life. I don't have to tell Him. He knows everything. That's why I don't care about what people said about me. Because He knows everything. Don't be affraid to human, to words, to how they treat you. Someday, the karma day will come. They will take responsibility for what they have done.

Time Flies Fast

I still remember the first day I challenge myself in this blog on March. From 3 posts a day, now I write 7 post a day on July. What a suprise I make it till the last day. This is 31 st July. So fast. Flies like an arrow. With so much bleeding things. Cry and laugh just come and go. Winning and loosing. But, I still remember about big winning I will achieve if I write 12 posts a day in December. I don't know if I can make it till that month. I hope so. I want to tell my self that 12 posts a day still not my limit. Why I wrote so much post everyday? If you really want to know. The answer is so simple. I just live today. This time. I don't know if I can make it till tomorrow come. How about tomorrow never come to me? How many I can give to my family then?

Finally, They Said It!

Still remember about what happen last week? Why am I so angry about 8Minggu Ngeblog? Because they didn't clarify anything about why I don't get the first place? Now they sorry for what happen. The committe write on his blog. If you ask me, which one will I choose for? The prize or the confession about which blogger have the most posts till the end? I will said I will choose the confession. I can get the prize from everywhere I want. Just try harder than anyone and you will be a winner. Trust me, winning is something you fight for and you earn for it. Winning is not something you get born with. If you want to know what they say sorry for, just click this link . If you don't speak Indonesian, maybe you can use Google Translate.

How You Deal With Your Monday?

For me, everyday is a new day. A new start over. Even on Monday. Yeah I know everybody love Sunday because they holiday is Sunday. Some of them the holiday are Saturday and Sunday. But for me, holiday starts on Tuesday. My weekend from Tuesday to Wednesday. I work on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. If you deal with Monday like this. I can't wait till Monday like this.

Start New Life

Writing in English on this blog, something I never imagine before. I know my English broken everywhere. But then I choose to write in English. I never learn if I never write it down on my blog. When I start using English in this blog I think I start over my blog life. I will meet a new blog friends out there, who will read broken English blog.

DIY: Do It Yourself

After googling it, now I know DIY meaning. DIY means do-it-yourself. I read about it in some blog and still can't understand why they put DIY on the post. Honestly I was thinking DIY suppose to be a brand. Because everybody keep using it on their tutorial blog. So, DIY is not a brand, it's just like FYI (for-your-information) or WTH (what-the-hell). Something like that. By the way, Google maybe our bestfriend right now. He never laugh when we asked a very simple thing. Someone will LOL me if I tell them I don't know what is the meaning of DIY if they really know what it was. So if you find something you really don't know, the best way to find the meaning just by googling it. Thanks Google, I know what DIY means now.

Rohani Syawaliah's invitation is awaiting your response

          Rohani Syawaliah would like to connect on LinkedIn. How would you like to respond?         Rohani Syawaliah radio host, writer, online marketer

Tak Cayak Aku: I don't Believe It

This sentence from Indonesian Malay in Pontianak. Actually our language here, similiar with Malaysian Malay. Almost, not 100% actually. You can use this sentence to give impression that you don't believe to something. It's like 'bullshit' in English. But if you don't want use bullshit as the meaning, it's same like 'I don't believe it' or 'I don't take a shit about it'. It's depend on how you say it. I will try to read it. You can learn how to speak Indonesian Malay here. Especially Indonesian Pontianak Malay. From my city. We use this language everyday. But not my mother language. I use another Malay language in my village. So many language we have here in Indonesia. Now, let's practice to read it. Listen carefully. If you know someone tell a lie you can use this 'Tak cayak aku' to her or him to show you don't believe it. But you can use another simple Pontianak Malay Language to show you

Pencitraan: Stop To Impress Someone

When you read on social media you will find so much people out there try to impress other person. Maybe one of them is me. In Indonesian we called it 'pencitraan'. You make other people know you in the way you want them to. Of course you just tell the good side. Never the bad side. If it was me, I always try to be me. I don't have to make other person impress about how good I am or how clever I am. Because I always believe there no such perfect person in this whole world. We have our bad and good side. We don't have to try to be an angel in this world. Just be yourself and happy with it. 

Colour Trivia

Everybody love colours. I love colours. That's why rainbow cake trending. LOL. Just put a comment and write down a colour without 'E' in it!  If you find out the colour, put a big smile on your face. It's a beautiful day!

My Blog Is My Message

We are already know that someday, somewhere, sometime, we will die. Because we have this body to die for. But remember our soul will be back to The Creater. The God. Soon, we will no longer in this world. But sometimes I always think to future people that I never ever meet in my life. So I blog about my life. Hoping someday, someone will find this blog and read about my message. It's like writing a message on a paper and put it in a bottle, and then throw it to the sea. Someday, that message in the bottle will go to someone. They will read it and 'knowing' us through that message. Everypost in this blog is my message to future people who will read it. Read me. Remember me.

I Change Everything

Today I was trying to unfollow someblog on my dashboard because I want to follow new blog. Which always update about good things and make me happy. But I don't know what happen to Google Friend Connect. Everytime I try to unfollow it's stuck. So I choose to make another admin on my blog.

3 Things You Can't Hide

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. - Buddha. I believe the truth will be reveal. The real story about everything happen in a few days. What makes me so angry about. What I deserve to. What have they do to me. My mom always teach me to be honest to other people. Even it's hurt and it came by nature that I can't hide the lie. Because if you tell a lie, you just try to make cobwebs. It's getting bigger. Bigger and even bigger. Someday that cobwebs will eat you.

What Is Winning?

Being a blogger, join so many contest, some unwinning and some winning make a clear picture for me to see. To see clearly about winning perception in my head, you have to see what your goal is. If you make your goal, you are a winner. But you make you goal not by cheating other people. Sometime we found bunch of people didn't care about take responsibility for what they did. They don't care about hurting other feeling to be 'a winner'. For me, I don't have cheating to be a winner. Because I believe, if you try harder than other people, you will win. Winning is winning if you honest with yourself and other people. But when you cheat for get the prize, you are a loser. You will loose everything. You can cheat on people. But remember, God know the truth.

What Happen To Galaxy Express?

I don't know do I have to write that stories or not. Because it's remind me about someone who read it. It makes me sick. I don't want her to come to my blog anymore. I don't like a cheater. A betrayer. A lier. Maybe she think not telling the truth is not a lie. But if that truth need to be reveal she have to tell anyone about what really happening. But, like she said, she just nobody, so not telling the truth is fine for her. Because she is nothing. I have to clear every bad dreams that happen everytime I sleep to make up my mind. This is really traumatic you know. I hope they happy with it!

Writing In English Is Difficult?

From an Indonesian, with lack of ability to write and speak in English writing a post in English is so hard to do. For me I have to write a short post for 30 minutes. So long. If I do it in Indonesian, it takes 5-10 minutes to write long post. Short post in my opinion is like 150-200 words. Long post 300-500 words. Sometime I write 600 words in 10 minutes using Indonesian.

How To Connect Other Social Media To Instagram

Last nite I read, someone asking on twitter. She want to know how to connect her other social media, such as twitter, facebook, tumblr to her instagram account. That is so easy. But for the beginner maybe they have to read this post. But before I explain about how to connect other social media to instagram, we have to understand that we can't use PC to have full access to instagram. You just can comment and share picture from instagram to other social media. But you can't upload photo or video using PC. First open your instagram, on your phone. Now, you have to go to your profile. Just klik the right button. Up at the right side. Go to sharing setting after you open the 'options'.  Klik social media button, you have to allow instagram access your account, so you have to log in for every account you want to connect to your instagram. I share my instagram picture to my facebook, twitter, tumblr, and flic

What Is Rule?

This post will explain about what happened a few days ago. Finally I got so many people beside me to support me. To support what I believe. If some of you didn't know about my side story in 8 Minggu Ngeblog, you should read this posts.

How Broken My English?

I write alot in English lately. I am trying not to give up and write in Indonesian except I write for fiction story or contest. I hope my English not so broken and you will understand what I am saying in my post. I try to write long like I am writing in Indonesian. But sometime I don't know the words or how to explain something. I try Google Translate but that is not good enough too. She didn't understand what sentences I want her to translate. She just translate word by word. So the translate so bad. So broken. I thing my English still fine than Google Translate.

I Am Not Fasting

Yesterday, I got period and have to cancel my fasting. But what I don't like about it, my period come on 4PM. Almost iftar but I have to cancel it. So bad. So today I am not fasting again. I hope not for 2 weeks because I have to fasting in other day to pay my fasting loan. I am so lazy to fasting not in Ramadhan. How about your fasting? Still fasting? Waiting for your period? 

Are You Giving Up?

In this real life, you will find out that alot of things will not happen like you hope. Sometime it's happen in the wrong way. Maybe you will meet someone who will betrayed your trust. But when you are not give up, you can not fail. Just watch the video and you will understand how it's feel to be like me. And I am not giving up!

Feeling Unfair? You Bet! (3)

Feeling Unfair? You Bet! (1) Feeling Unfair? You Bet! (2) Feeling Unfair? You Bet! (3) Committee should try to respect their own rules. Some blogger have they own opinion about this new rules. Read it! These are some of them. Unfair? You bet!

Feeling Unfair? You Bet! (2)

Feeling Unfair? You Bet! (1) FeelingUnfair? You Bet! (2) When I know I have skip the first week in 8 Minggu Ngeblog, I was thinking that I can't be part of them. But when I asked the committee can I join that 8 Minggu Contest in the second week? And they said, it's okay to join in the second week.

Feeling Unfair? You Bet! (1)

FeelingUnfair? You Bet! (1) Some of you maybe knew that lately I've been disappointed by 8 MingguNgeblog committee. I work hard to write 44 posts in 49 days. But they said I just write 38 posts. Beside that, they minus my poin when they announcement the winner. So my 440 points become 323, and the zolimness didn't stop until they can make me loose. So they decided to mark up some blogger points after mark down my points.

[sound] What Doesn't Kill You Make You Stronger

[sound] Kehidupan, Perubahan, dan Bola Salju

Postingan lengkapnya di sini .

[sound] Let Me Introduce Myself

[sound] Pubertas Dini Pada Perempuan

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hallo everyone. I decided to write in English which mean I want to talk to the world. Not only Indonesian. So, today I will introduce myself in English. We start with my name. My name when I was born is Listia Evita. I use it till I am 12 years old. But I have to change it because on my insurance card my name is Rohani SLE. SLE is an acronim for Syawaliah Listia Evita. So my full name actually Rohani Syawaliah Listia Evita. But my childhood friend always remember me as Listia or Elis. I want to change it to Rohani Syawaliah and cut the rest of my name because I hate people bullying me because of my name. Some of my school friend call me Bilis. Because my nickname when I was a kid is Elis or Listia. Why I hate when people call me Bilis? Okay, I will explain this. Bilis is a name for a cheap fish in the market. I feel so unwell be called like that. They insulting me by call me Bilis. So I choose to erase my Listia Evita name. Use my first and middle name only. Rohani Syawaliah. I go

I Can't Stop

I was thinking about getting holiday before my PC back to life. Hell yeah she is dead, because the electricity went off suddenly yesterday. But instead of take a day off, I install 'Blogger For Android' on my phone. So I can blogging using it. I don't wanna loose my challenge in this blog. And I love writing so much so I have to write everyday till I die. I challenge myself to write everyday. This is the challenges: 1. 3 posts a day in March 2. 4 posts a day in April 3. 5 posts a day in May 4. 6 posts a day in June 5. 7 posts a day in July 6. 8 posts a day in August 7. 9 posts a day in September 8. 10 posts a day in October 9. 11 posts a day in November 10. 12 posts a day in December I still have 5 months to complete the challenges. Just wish me luck. XOXO KISS

Blogger For Android

Actually I don't want to type this like I am tweeting everday. Rite now I use my smartphone to blogging. Because my PC dead. Yesterday PLN (Indonesia Electric Company) off our city electricity for 50 minutes. From iftar to almost Isya. Can't believe this is happening in Ramadhan. When muslim waiting adzan for iftar. Today I decided to write in English. No matter how broken my English is. How bad my grammer. I just need the whole world understand what I write about. Blogging with my android not so bad because I use Lenovo A800 now. Not Galaxy Pocket anymore. The screen big enough for my cute finger. Hahahaha... But the sad thing about blogging from blogger for android is I can't pick what font I like to use, how big the space I need, or justify the paragraph. How my English? Broken enough? LOL I don't really care. I just want to learing by writing. Enjoy!

Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (7)

Travel:Trip To Sayang Sedayu (1) Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (2) Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (3) Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (4) Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (5) Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (6) Sempat terlalu jauh masuk ke dalam desa. Sampai-sampai kami melewatkan Desa Sayang Sedayu. Tapi masih tak begitu jauh sehingga tak butuh waktu lama untuk kembali. Namun yang kasihan itu tim medis dari Rumah Zakat. Supirnya membawa mereka sampai ke Paloh. Itu jaraknya sekitar 1 jam dari Desa Sayang Sedayu. Sudah nyasar, jauh pula.

Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (6)

Travel:Trip To Sayang Sedayu (1) Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (2) Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (3) Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (4) Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (5 ) Beruntung sekali SPBU yang seharusnya buka pukul 7, kali itu buka lebih awal. Pak Iwan sudah berada di depan hotel sebelum pukul 7. Kami pun segera berlari mengejar waktu. Mengejar mobil klinik yang sudah berangkat 1 jam lebih awal.

Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (5)

Travel:Trip To Sayang Sedayu (1) Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (2) Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (3) Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (4) Masih pagi sekali. Tapi kami semua segera bersiap-siap untuk berangkat ke tempat penyeberangan. Namun masalah baru muncul. Mobil yang kami tumpangi bensinnya tinggal setengah. Padahal kami harus segera pulang dari Sambas hari itu juga saat pengobatan gratis selesai dilaksanakan.

Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (4)

Travel:Trip To Sayang Sedayu (1) Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (2) Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (3) Sepanjang perjalanan saya mengenang kembali masa-masa saya SMA, saat saya masih naik bus menuju sekolah. Sekolah saya berada di Pemangkat tetapi saya tinggal di Selakau. Sekitar 40 menit perjalanan dengan bus Singkawang-Sambas.

Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (3)

Travel:Trip To Sayang Sedayu (1) Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (2) Beberapa jam kemudian kami tiba di Singkawang meskipun sempat sangkut di Mempawah saat ditahan sementara oleh polisi yang meminta uang kopi tersebut. Kami pun mulai mendatangi beberapa tempat untuk menawarkan kartu pasca bayar dari Indosat Matrix yang terbaru. Paketannya juga baru dan menawarkan paket tanpa abondemen.

Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (2)

Travel:Trip To Sayang Sedayu (1) Belum lagi kami tiba di Singkawang kami terhenti di Mempawah. Ada rencana memang untuk turun di Kota Singkawang dan menawarkan kartu Matrix pada beberapa kenalan Mbak Yuyun di sana. Beberapa polisi terlihat sedang mengadakan razia. Tetapi razianya di tempat yang kelihatan sekali bukan tempat yang layak untuk melakukan razia. Karena razia yang mereka lakukan membuat kemacetan di sepanjang jalan tersebut.

Travel: Trip To Sayang Sedayu (1)

Pemandangan sungai yang kami sebrangi menuju Desa Sayang Sedayu Pagi itu, belum lagi pukul 8, Mbak Yuyun sudah sibuk menghubungi saya dan menanyakan apakah saya ingin dijemput untuk kumpul di Indosat. Memang kami semua diharapkan datang ke Galeri Indosat pukul 8 pagi. Karena tak ada yang mengantar saya menerima tawarannya untuk menumpang di mobil suaminya.

Nilai Saya Dikurangi

Setelah saya menghitung jumlah tulisan yang saya ikutkan dalam 8Minggu Ngeblog kemarin, semuanya 44 tulisan untuk 7 minggu. Karena memang infonya saya dapatkan di minggu kedua. Walaupun minggu pertama saya tidak sempat ikutan, sebenarnya jumlah tulisan saya 44 buah itu sudah lebih dari cukup untuk menempati peringkat pertama dan bisa memilih hadiah pertama yang memang saya incar lebih dulu.

Meet My New Boyfriend

Hari ini saya akan mencoba berkeliling dengan sepeda motor baru yang sayadapatkan dari LINE . Meet my new boyfriend. Honda Scoopy, red and black.

Saya Bawa Jeruk Manis

Dari Sambas, saya membawa jeruk manis sebagai oleh-oleh. Karena memang jeruk manis dari Kabupaten Sambas adalah yang termanis. Meskipun di luar Kalimantan orang akan menyebutnya Jeruk Pontianak. Bagi saya itu tetap jeruk Sambas.  Nanti saya ceritakan selengkapnya.

Ternyata 14 Draft Terlalu Sedikit

Hari ini saya mau tidak mau harus mengisi blog ini dengan 7 postingan jika ingin memenangkan tantangan yang saya buat buat diri saya sendiri. Sebelum berangkat ke Sambas kemarin saya hanya menyiapkan 14 draft terjadwal untuk dua hari. Karena memang saya akan berada di Pontianak lagi tanggal 25 Juli. Ternyata saya salah. 14 draft itu terlalu sedikit untuk membuat postingan di blog ini terpenuhi setiap hari. Karena hari ini saya sangat kelelahan karena perjalanan yang panjang. Jadinya saya menulis pendek-pendek saja hari ini.

Besok Saja Ya!

Saya sudah pulang dari Sambas, tepatnya dari Desa Sayang Sedayu di Kecamatan Teluk Keramat. Sekitar 3 jam dari kampung saya sendiri dengan jalan darat. Tapi saya sangat kelelahan untuk menceritakan dari awal perjalanan kali ini. Besok saya ceritakan selengkapnya ya!

I Don't Need To Compare Myself To Anybody

Setiap manusia lahir dengan keunikannya masing-masing.

Hati-Hati Labeli Anak Kecil

Labeli dia dengan baik. Diri saya yang sekarang adalah diri seorang anak kecil yang diberi sebuah label oleh orang di sekitarnya. Saya sangat bersyukur memiliki keluarga yang lebih banyak memberikan label yang baik untuk saya. Sehingga saya bisa berkembang sesuai dengan label yang mereka berikan.

Galaxy Express (Bagian 7)

GalaxyExpress (Bagian 1) GalaxyExpress (Bagian 2) GalaxyExpress (Bagian 3) GalaxyExpress (Bagian 4) GalaxyExpress (Bagian 5) GalaxyExpress (Bagian 6) Renno mengantarku lagi seperti kemarin. Berjalan di tengah udara dingin. Kali ini aku membawa jaket bersamaku sehingga aku tak perlu mengenakan jaket Renno lagi. Namun dia menggenggam tanganku seperti kemarin. Aku bingung bagaimana menjelaskannya. Aku seharusnya tidak pulang bersamanya. Selain ini membuat aku tak bisa memberanikan diri untuk mendekati mandor cat itu, aku juga seperti menambah rahasia baru yang tak akan aku bagi pada Rita.

Aki (Bagian 5)

Pernah suatu malam saya memimpikan Aki. Mimpi itulah yang akhirnya membuat saya tak begitu sedih lagi kehilangannya. Di dalam mimpi itu saya melihat Aki salat dengan sarung dan kopiahnya. Wajahnya bersih dan berseri. Mimpi itu juga sangat lucu. Aki ngomel sama saya.

Aki (Bagian 4)

Beberapa tahun sebelum dia meninggal, saat asmanya kambuh, saat kepalanya sakit karena tekanan darahnya naik, Aki akan meliburkan diri. Tak ada pertemuannya dengan sawah hari itu. Dia akan duduk sambil memegang kepalanya. Saya selalu duduk menungguinya saat dia sakit begitu. Saya batal bermain dengan teman-teman dan menemaninya ngobrol.

Aki (Bagian 3)

Aki meninggal dunia saat saya berusia 16 tahun. Saya baru saja naik ke kelas 2 SMA waktu itu. Saya kesal sekali tak bisa menghabiskan malam terakhir bersamanya. Saya hanya bisa melihat maut menjemputnya pagi itu. 5 Juli 2002. Pagi-pagi saya dibangunkan oleh Umak karena Aki sedang kritis di rumah sakit. Uwan sudah di sana. Kami tak punya sepeda motor. Sepeda sudah digunakan oleh Umak untuk ke sana. Pilihannya saya hanya bisa berjalan kaki. Rasanya itu adalah jalan kaki terpanjang yang pernah saya lakukan. Saya ingin segera sampai. Sebenarnya rumah sakit tak begitu jauh, saya hanya butuh 10 menit untuk tiba di sana dengan berjalan kaki. Tapi memikirkan laki-laki yang sangat saya sayangi itu mendapat serangan jantung. Kritis. Saya tak tahan untuk tidak berlari dan cepat-cepat mencari kamar dia dirawat. Dia masih hidup. Dia mengeluh dan berkali-kali memanggil nama Uwan. “ Mah, sakit Mah!” itu adalah kalimat terakhir yang berulang-ulang dia ucapkan. Saya

Aki (Bagian 2)

Postur tubuh Aki sangat proporsional. Cenderung sedikit kurus tapi berotot. Tipikal seorang petani di kampung. Dia Ancek (Ayah) yang penyayang untuk anak-anaknya dan Aki yang lucu untuk cucu-cucunya. Dia selalu bisa menimang saya saat saya butuh dihibur. Dia juga bisa jadi teman bermain saat saya masih kecil. Bermain bersama Aki adalah kenangan terbaik sepanjang masa. Dia selalu bisa membuat mainan dari benda-benda bekas di sekitar kami. Dia yang mengajarkan bahwa semua mainan bisa dibuat. Iya, Aki memang tak banyak uang untuk membelikan cucunya mainan. Tapi dia selalu punya cara untuk membuat banyak mainan. Dia yang membuat saya suka bermain dengan gunting dan kertas. Dulu waktu kecil saya suka sekali tidur bersamanya. Bau tubuhnya yang terbakar sinar matahari dan bau minyak angin yang selalu dia gunakan di dahinya membuat tidur saya nyenyak sepanjang malam. Dia pula orang yang akan menggendong saya saat saya tertidur di lantai di depan televisi. Waktu kecil memang saya s

Aki (Bagian 1)

Seorang lelaki yang akan selalu menjadi ayah nomor satu di dalam kehidupan saya adalah kakek saya. Saya menyebutnya Aki. Kependekan dari Nek Aki. Di kampung saya memang kakek-kakek selalu dipanggil dengan panggilan Aki.

Galaxy Express (Bagian 6)

GalaxyExpress (Bagian 1) GalaxyExpress (Bagian 2) GalaxyExpress (Bagian 3) GalaxyExpress (Bagian 4) GalaxyExpress (Bagian 5) Aku duduk di meja makan untuk sarapan bersama keluargaku. Aku menarik kursi perlahan takut menimbulkan keributan di depan kedua orang tuaku. Sisca sudah duduk di sana sejak tadi. Aku memang terlambat bangun hari ini. Untungnya aku selesai mandi tepat waktu dan orang tuaku tak perlu mengeluarkan kata-kata pedas untuk menyindirku. Menyakitkan. Sebab pada bagian akhirnya aku harus dibandingkan dengan Sisca. Aku lelah.

Desa Sedayu

Pagi ini saya berangkat menuju Sambas dan besok pagi-pagi sekali akan mendatangi desa yang akan kami berikan pengobatan gratis. Saya baru tahu nama desanya itu Desa Sedayu setelah pihak sponsor memberi tahu saya kemarin sore saat rapat.

Tomok dan New Boyz

Saya yakin banyak yang tahu tentang Tomok jika biasa menonton televisi siaran Malaysia. Dulu saya sangat tergila-gila pada vokalis band NewBoyz ini. Saya sangat menyukai lagu mereka. Semenjak sekolah SMA dan sibuk dengan tugas sekolah saya tak lagi punya banyak waktu untuk menonton televisi dan menyaksikan Tomok di infotainment.

Umak Itu...

Setiap orang punya panggilan tertentu buat orang tuanya. Terutama ibunya. Ada yang memanggilnya bunda, umi, mama, mami, mom, atau emak. Dalam kasus saya sendiri, saya memanggil perempuan yang telah melahirkan saya tengah malam buta pada Jumat Kliwon itu dengan sebutan Umak. Sama seperti cara dia memanggil ibunya dan mayoritas anak-anak lain juga memanggil ibunya dengan panggilan yang sama. Di Sambas, ibu memang disebut Umak.

Mencari Inspirasi Bukan Menunggu Inspirasi

Setelah menjalani tantangan 'ngeblog sesuai jumlah bulan' akhirnya saya sadar bahwa memang saya tak bisa benar-benar menunggu inspirasi untuk datang menghampiri saya untuk menulis. Setiap hari saya hanya punya 24 jam dan saya menyiapkan 2-3 jam sehari untuk menulis dan memublikasikan tulisan di blog ini. Itu waktu yang terlalu singkat untuk menunggu.

Mengapa Tak Membiarkan Kosong Saja?

Kembali melihat dua tahun yang lalu, dua tahun lebih sih, tepatnya saat blog ini belum lahir dan saya masih punya tiga blog gratisan yang membahas tiga topik yang berbeda. Waktu itu seorang teman baik mengatakan bahwa lebih baik membuat blog yang berbeda untuk memosting tema yang berbeda. Satu blog isinya curhatan, satu blog isinya fiksi, dan satunya lagi 'surat'.

Liburan Dua Hari

Setelah postingan ini setiap postingan yang terbit adalah postingan terjadwal. Karena selama dua hari ini saya tidak akan berada di kamar saya untuk mengetik semua postingan seperti biasa. Seperti yang sudah saya ceritakan sebelumnya, saya mendapatkan job di luar sebagai MC untuk acara amal dari Indosat. Yeay!

Galaxy Express (Bagian 5)

GalaxyExpress (Bagian 1) GalaxyExpress (Bagian 2) GalaxyExpress (Bagian 3) GalaxyExpress (Bagian 4) “ Siapa yang mengantarmu pulang?” Sisca memperhatikan Renno yang menjauh dari pagar rumah kami. Hanya terlihat punggungnya yang ditelan kegelapan malam yang cukup dingin.

Traveling: Ke Sambas?

Dari Pontianak untuk ke Sambas bisa menggunakan berbagai macam kendaraan. Soalnya Pontianak dan Sambas masih satu daratan sehingga bus umum, sepeda motor, atau mobil pribadi bisa menjadi pilihan buat teman-teman yang ingin mendatangi Sambas.

Pentingnya Membuat Judul Blog

Setelah diajari sedikit ilmu ngeblog oleh yang lebih berpengalaman seperti Mas Chandra Iman , akhirnya saya sekarang setiap akan menulis akan ada tulisan yang memang saya buat sesuai dengan judul blog ini. Dulunya memang saya hanya membuat judulnya dengan nama saya. Sebelum menjadi judul yang sekarang: ' Let's Travel and Eat With Rohani Syawaliah ' judulnya hanya ' Rohani Syawaliah's Blog '. Lebih sederhana.

Review Kuliner: Gunong Melatus

Gunong Melatus atau Gunung Meletus adalah nama kue yang pertama kali saya buat sendiri saat masih duduk di bangku sekolah dasar. Saya memang suka berada di dapur bersama Uwan. Saya melihat cara dia memasak. Cara dia membuat kue. Cara dia memotong sayuran. Semuanya akan saya perhatikan. Hingga ada jenis kue yang sangat mudah yang bisa saya buat untuk Aki (kakek) saya tercinta. Ini gambar bolu kukus dan ukurannya kecil, kalo Gunong Melatus  versi saya lebih besar karena satu resep untuk satu loyang. Ini jenis kue irit bahan dan bisa jadi dalam waktu singkat. Membuatnya juga sangat mudah. Kebetulan Aki saya alergi dengan telur ayam, kecuali telur ayam kampung, jadi saya harus membuat kue ini menggunakan telur bebek. Untungnya telur bebek banyak di rumah karena ada beberapa bebek betina yang sedang bertelur waktu itu. Kalau bicara soal Aki, dia alergi telur ayam bukan karena telur ayam akan menyebabkan dia gatal-gatal atau kulitnya merah-merah. Melainkan asmanya akan ka