No Comment On My Blog

At some point I really enjoy when I know I don't have to be bother from every comment comes to this blog. Because I closed it. I started to close it because of some dirty comments. But now I feel so free without any comment I have to read or reply. Maybe I like some nice comment when I started to blog. Just to make sure that someone read this blog. Although I can see the view from the dashboard. 

I just hope someone notice my post in this blog.

After a few years, it doesn't matter anymore. The needing of comment to motivate me is so last year. Cause I know, the biggest point, I blog for myself. For writing. I love writing. Writing is my life. I can feel my heart beat when I write. Lot of view matters for a newbie me. I am too old just to care about how many view I get everyday.

Now, I only care about how many post I can write in English and how to earn more money from this blog. Four years, almost, is not a short time. There is no shortcut to be like this with this blog. I and this blog spend so many times together. I hope this blog happy with no comment box inside him. 

That's why I still love to leave it close till now. Even I opened it a few weeks ago because of contest. Then, I asked myself. Do I have to open it for a contest or I leave that contest to stay like this? And as you know, I closed it again and leaven the contest for my blog.

I don't want to read and reply any comment. Anymore. I am so tired just to do that. So sorry if you want to leave comment but didn't find any comment box. But you still can comment to everypost on my Google+, twitter, or facebook page. If you really want to tell something important to me you can e-mail me. No comment box doesn't mean I hate the interaction to other people. 

Comment box just doesn't work for me. Sometime, they just leave spam comment. Wasting time isn't it?

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