Let's Write Again, In English

Writing in English always be my biggest problem. Because I want it so bad to write well in English but at the end of the post I think I made some mistakes but still don't know which one. Feeling so shy if someone will laugh at it. And then I try to convience myself, let's pretend nobody read it. It helps me confidence 50% than before. From 0% to 50% is a very big number. If I don't try it now, I will never learn right?

It will be slower than writing in Indonesian (bahasa). But this is what I have to do. To face my fear. I am so jealous with everybody who can write well in English. Not like me. But at least I try, try it very hard. With lack of vocabularies and bad grammar. Who doesn't have that, right? Every mistake will be a good experience for me.

And I have to write a lot about traveling and food in English in this blog. Maybe some recipe from my kitchen will be lovely. Because I know, my hometown food not so famous like other Indonesian food. I am from Jawai, West Borneo, by the way. Maybe some of you didn't know me at all and this is the first time you read my blog. Most of my post is in Bahasa. So I think most of the reader is Indonesian or Malaysian. You will need Google Translate if you want to read it in English or other language.

But now, don't worry. I will write more posts in English. Not only one post a week. I am trying to write in English everyday. If I don't have any idea for another post, I can read my Indonesian post and rewrite it in English. So everybody can enjoy my blog. Difficulty comes from the first step. But I believe, that one day, that lucky day will come. I will write every post like I write in Indonesian. No mention about the mistakes, but I think I will write it faster than before.

You can ask me more on twitter if you want to request some post. Just giving me an idea about new post I hope.
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