Dry Milk Snack

This is from my childhood. When I was a little girl I love some snack but not a real snack. I just put some milk powder in a glass and put sugar in it. And I stir the ingredients. Voila, I have my snack now. I am not sure about the healthiness. But I like it very much. If you don't like milk powder you can use milo. No need to put sugar in milo because it already have some sugar inside. Too much sugar will kill you right?

My sisters did this dry milk snack too if our parent give us milk powder. But usually we drink another kind of milk. We called it 'Susu Kental Manis'. It likes creamer but milk. So I can't make any dry milk snack from it. Just have to wait lucky day with milk powder.

How about now? Do I still did that? Nope! Not because I am adult but I don't like anymore. I drink milk powder with hot water. Especially now, because I am pregnant. I need more calcium right? If you are a mom with a child, and they don't like to drink their milk. Maybe you can try to make this kind of snack from their milk powder. I hope they will like their milk more than before. But we have to ask the nutrioner or doctor, is it safe to 'eat' the milk powder not drink it with water?

Infact, I am fine althought I did that when I was little. My parents never angry when I did it. :))
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