Mind Your Own Bussiness

People should learn how not to 'jaga tepi kain orang' or mind their own bussiness. I don't understand how people have so much time just to disturb other's life. For me, 24 hours is so short just to mind our bussiness because sometimes, I run out of time just to make my life better than yesterday. So many jobs to be done. So many things I should do just to make sure that I am satisfy with everything. If I really have free time, I think I will spend it to make myself happy. Go traveling somewhere with my husband. Maybe I should write more novel. Read more books.

Too much things to do right? How could somepeople spend their time unwisely? Just to make themselves feel happy by ruining someone's happines?

I don't care about your life until you too care about mine. Because for me, you do good to me, I will do better for you, but don't do bad to make me unhappy, you should becarefull because I will treat you worst.

If you have this habit, too mind about other's bussiness you should buy a mirror and see your own life. Just to make sure that you are too perfect, that's why you have time to make bussiness in other's life. I hate people who do that because I know, nobody's life is perfect. Maybe some of them are awesome or just good. But there is no best reason to disturb someone's life. You can't get in, in someone's life and told them how they should run their life. Nobody will really know about the best choice for someone's life.

For some mother maybe they mind their child's life because she loves her son or daughter. But if you are not his or her mom, you don't have right to do that. Especially for me. My mother never interrupt my life after she know that I am a big girl. When she pretty sure about how mature I am. Her independent girl who hates this question 'Are still slepping?'.

The most annoying question I ever heard in my life. You can't ask me that question just to make your life better. You can ruin other's happiness to make your own happier. Life doesn't run like that. If you have bad life, there is no reason why you should ruin other's. Be a better person and just mind your own bussiness. For me, there is no mercy for someone who dare to ask me that big question. My habit in sleeping is not everybody's bussiness. Try to be logic! Why you ask that question? For what? Is there a big problem if I am still sleeping or not?

Other bad question for me is 'are you pregnant?'. Why I should be pregnant just because I married with someone? My mom never asked me about this thing at all. Having a child is a big decision. And this is my life. Why should I share about my pregnancy to others?
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