About Giving Advice, Mr. Know It All

I'd rather be wrong in doing something but still trying than nothing at all and in the end be the worst. God, mirror please. - Rohani Syawaliah, collegian, 28 years old.

Having assignment for some courses are something that we can avoid. At all. I mean, we have to do that to pass every semester right? I always do it on time. Because I don't like being a gulty student for my lecture. Eventhough I like him/her or not at all. Because that's my job. After a few weeks I found some student who didn't cares for being late submit an assignment. For me, I don't have any excuse for doing that. If I am late, it means I am late or I am too lazy to do it in the right time.

Life is about choices. If you choose for do it on time you will be on time. But for those who choose to be lazy, you will be late.

I don't really care about other's assignment. Not my bussiness at all. But sometime you will meet someone who's like to be 'Mr. Know It All'. Funny things about him, he gives me advice for my assignment, he didn't do his assignment on time. Didn't make powerpoint in the first place. When he said that advice to me, I really want to say 'mirror please, sir'. Just because you are older than me, smarter than me in English, doesn't mean you are better than me.

You can give me advice to do it right for my assignment, but you didn't do yours? So funny. Are you a comedian? I don't think my assignment will be perfect but at least I do it on time.

Why people so pathetic? I don't do being an advicer to other people because I know, I am not perfect and I am too busy to make myself better everyday.
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