17 September 2014

Trying To Write In English, Again?

This is it. Another post in broken English. I am not that ready to write in English actually. But my special husband want me to do it so. I am like, okay... post in English no matter it broken or not. He think I can master English in 3 days? That will be so crazy rite?

But I still write in English to make him happy. Althought he will not read it. I am not sure he ever really read it. I hope he will read it someday or his daughter will do that for him. Don't missunderstanding, I am not pregnant or anything. Just thinking about what future will bring to us.

When I am typing 'future' I remember an adult cartoon when I am, maybe, 10 years old, not sure about it. The cartoon named 'Futura'. Ever you watch that cartoon before?

I will post more, but not today, I am so sleepy.

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Trying To Write In English, Again?
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Tulis comments
Senin, 22 Agustus 2016 08.25.00 WIB

Ajarkanlah kamek nules cerpen pake bahase inggeris :)


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