Thanks WeChat!

I do know that you are only an app in Google Play. I installed you a few month ago. When I still single. For your information WeChat, I am married now. I met my husband because of you. When I looked around for a new friend a few month ago. I still remember the day, I met the man. The man who will be my best-life-friend-forever-I-hope. He is so kind. Gentle.

After a few times we hang out, he ask me to marry him. I didn't say yes or no. I just answer that question with 'OK'. Kind of weird I know. But we take that really seriously. And he bring his family to my parents. A few weeks after, we really-like-really-really-married.

I always hope that my life will happy ending in love story like every fairytale we heard. Before I met the man, I never know that I have my own fairytale. Not a prince with a white horse and a sword. But just a cute and shy man with a WeChat. He chat on me. This is just like a dream. But I didn't sleep at all. He still there every morning I wake up.

Almost 8 month, being a wife. A wonderful life with a new guy beside me. Thanks WeChat.

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