About Married?

Do I enjoyed my married life? Actually I really love it. Being a wife with a wonderful husband. Maybe all of us like to tease our husbands or just say something nice about him infront of people. But I always want to remember him from the beginning and the last as a wonderful guy. He marry me, isn't that a wonderful thing?

Ok that's not funny.

Everything in my married life is not a shocking thing. I do home sweet home things. Washing. Cooking. And more thing I will not tell you. But I am not a perfect wife and my husband except all of myself. Just like I always dream about a wonderful husband.

I want to be a wife from a long time ago. But no guy really make my wish come true. Only this guy telly parent that he want to marry me. So sweet. But he is not a romantic guy. He just an ordinary guy, who makes me extraordinary. And I think I fall in love with him when he said 'ijab kabul' the day of 2 November 2013.


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