You Don't Have To Kill Her

I know everybody in Pontianak, who know about this news will so angry. We talk about this poor girl. Who has been killed by her boyfriend because that boy want to have s*x with her but she refuse. Her name Putri Wulandari. She only 16 years old. So young to die. And she have to die in tragic way. This is so sad. The boy named Nanang Supriyadi but everybody in facebook or twitter know him as Nanang Selembe. He just 17 years old. In Indonesia, free s*x is not allowed actually. So having s*x out of marriage I not OK. And 16 or 17 too young to have s*x.

I just want to ask Nanang, although I know, he will not read this post, do you have to kill her just because she don't want to have s*ex with you before marriage. I don't understand people killing people. A day before he killed her, he write a status on his facebook. In English it means 'bit*h you have to die'.


He takes this to psycho situation and killed her. People found her body in Parit Tengkorak. Parit Tengkorak means Trench Skull. But this is a smallvillage actually in West Borneo. Creepy place because a lot of girl have been killed here.

The killer, Nanang, still out there. Police trying to find him but West Borneo so big. He can be anywhere. So if you find a young boy with this face you can call the local police or people nearby. He have to take a big responsibility for what he has done. I don't want to kill him or say nasty thing to him because he is human too. But what happen has been done. He can't take that back.

Putri Wulandari or they call her Puput, sweet girl, rest in peace. Nobody can rape or kill her now. She is an angel. Brave girl. She defended her virginity to the death. I respect you girl. I don't know you, but a lot of girl in this world have to learn from you. How to fight for yourself even though you have to die to do that.

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