Let's Write In English Again

I want to write in English again. I know my English not that good. But if I wait till I am good at it, it will be along wait. So I thing I should write in English now. Although my English still the broken one. Maybe I should read books in English. So I can find new words or new sentences. Sometime I do jealous with person who always have good English in writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Because you can talk to the world not only Indonesian people.

A year a go, I've done this, sometime I write in English and sometime in Indonesian. I write so many posts in two language. So everybody can read it. If you Indonesian, just read the Indonesian section. Because one post, I try to write it in English and Indonesian. Both.

But today, I hope I can write in one language for one post. Indonesian or English only. So you can enjoy it in my language. You know my Indonesian or broken English. Trying to write in English, whereas this is not a very good English I think, it makes me want to improve my English. More and more. Because I know, out there so many people talk in their English. Like Singlish or Malaysian English. Not a really good English too, so why sould I shy to write in full (my broken) English.

So many reason, make me write in English again. Except for contest in Indonesian. So you still find some Indonesian posts in the future.

I wrote this post with some help from Google Translate. Not a very good choice for translate whole post, but you can translate word one by one if you can't find the perfect or suitable word for your sentences. Took my time longer than writing in Indonesian. But this is a very good start I think to learn writing in English again.

I love Indonesian and English. Because Indonesian is my state language and English is one of internasional language. If you can speak English you should not afraid to go anywhere.

Thanks for read my first English post this year. See you in the next post.
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