Make Your Dream Come True

I believe we always dream about something we will work hard for it. I have a dream. An old dream actually. Because I dream about it so many years ago. Before I go to my first school. Elementary. I want to learn English more. When I was a little girl. Not a student yet I learn how to read. Not only read in Indonesian. I learn how to read in English. Not very well but that day I felt in love with English.

Yeah I love it so much and I have a big dream about go to an English University. When I got that chance I realize that my mom don't have enough money to pay university money. I got to be a worker in a shop at my village. Try to earn much money everyday. Next year I go to Tanjungpura University. I hope I can be FKIP student and learn English there.

But I don't make it. I pass Indonesian test better than English test. So I have to study Indonesian not English at FKIP Tanjungpura University. Because I love writing so much, learning Indonesian for more years is a good opportunity for me. I hope I can write better than before.

Still have my big dream to go to English Unibersity. If I have more money I can go to ABA (Akademi Bahasa Asing/ Foreign Language Academy) and pass the test easily. Because ABA is not goverment University so is not that hard to pass it.

When I wrote this I still keep my dream to go to ABA. I want to be an English student and write in English well. Not in broken English. That's my dream. My another dream in my life. I have the money now. But I must ask my husband. If he give an 'okay' answer this year I will make my dream come true.

Lets pray and hope that dream will become a reality. Not only a dream I always dream about.
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