Feeling Unsecure Without Make Up

Forgive my broken English. I just wanna share my thought in English. I hope everyone will enjoy and understand it.

Woman with and without make up? Which one will you choose?

A few years I really need make up to touch up my face. Feeling uncomfortable without it. When I was a teenager I use make up less. Just powder. No lipstick. No eyeshadow. Never using eyeliner before. But when my friend introduce me to her make up, I realize, there so much things in make up.



Blush on.

And still to be continued. Hope you will continue it yourself.

But this post will not tell you how to use make up. I just want to talk about how unsecure I feel without it. It happens a few years and when I write this post actually I feel secure with or without make up. I don't know how it happen but when I see my face in the mirror I just feel it.
I feel okay with or without it. I use it more less than before. Sometimes I just use powder and lipstick. No eyeliner. No mascara. No blush on. I just feel fine.

How about you?
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