Be Brave You Are A Writer

When I was a little girl with a pen and a book, writing every story I like. I never know that someday, this writing thing will change my whole life. Not only my life but it changes my love life too. I married this brave man because I do this writing things. If you read my post about Butterfly Effects you will understand.

Life is so funny isn't it?

A little girl write a story because she likes it. Likes it alot. And a few years after, she still writing. Winning alot of thing. Two of them are smartphone. She sell it. And after sold it she buy another higher smartphone. Installing an apps. Meet a guy from a chat apps. And they married.

So simple. But it happen because a few years before, she decided to be writer. She loves writing. And still love it until today.

If you same like her. Love writing so much, just be brave and write. Be brave because you are a writer. If people know you are a writer they don't want to make a mess with you. Trust me.
Be brave and keep writing.
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