10 Agustus 2013

Internet Killing Me

I written some posts but can't be publish. I am so sorry.

I Have Pictures and Videos

I will upload it soon. Every pictures and videos I took. Just to share my village to all of you, who never travel to my hometown before.

My BFF Is My Soulmate?

I've thinking about this lately. Everybody think we are a couple and we always don't mind. But he always have another girlfriend and I always be somebody's girlfriend. But to be honest, I always said to my friend, that he is the best guy I ever met.


Maybe I am married to my best friend from the first we met. Because, platonic or not, this is the best relationship I’ve ever been in. - Rohani Syawaliah, confused.

Be Thankful

Our life is a gift. Be thankful. - Rohani Syawaliah, 27 years old, have family but like don't have anyone in her life, try to smile everyday.

I Miss Wigo

With gprs connection everyday, I must say, I miss WiGO 4G WiMAX so much. My wifi at home in Pontianak. Slow connection almost stress me out. If I am not in vacation I think it will drives me crazy. But for get real life sometime we have to put away our internet connection.

Out from twitter, facebook, or any kind of social media.

Get real life.

You Are Not Too Old For Doraemon

I watch Doraemon for my whole life. From I am a kid and now I am a big girl. After years, I still watch it with the same feeling. I love it so much. No other cartoon can makes me feel this way. How about you? You like it too?

I think we are not too old to watch Doraemon.

I Am Fine

Finally, I am not that crazy to do something crazier. Honestly I almost lost my mind and want to end everything that makes my life gone the wrong way. But I have to think wisely and realize. Everything happens for a reason.

Be patience. Be the best. And I will be fine.


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