9 Agustus 2013

Open Your Heart

If you can't accept something in your life, maybe it's because you never open the door in your heart.

Just open it and see what will happen after that. Live your life, it never happen twice.

I Love Lontong

This is Lontong, from my village. I love it.

What Life Really For?

Afterlife, we die, and then get a immortality in 'akhirat'. Before heaven and hell. Just googling it if you don't speak Indonesian.

But before we really die and go up to heaven or down to hell, we have to do good things in ourlife. Be the best to everyone and yourself. Because if we don't, Allah will pay our behave in this world with bad things too. If you want to go to hell, that is okay to be bad person in this world.

And remember this, if you do bad things, Allah will pay you not only afterlife, even in our life in this world He can make a count for you.

I Don't Need A Regret

Always believe that everything happens for a reason. So you don't need to regret everything. What happened just happen. Don't make your life unhappy because you don't want something didn't happen.

If you really feel bad for something that already happen maybe you have to make another thing happen as your wish. Make a new good thing. Don't make a regret.

Give Me A Break

Accuse me for something not even real? Please, give me a break. If you crazy you don't need to make me crazy too. Just be real for your own life. Because I am getting mine.


Why you have to jealous about everything that not for you? Not yours. This world will ending someday. We don't need anything from this world. Even when we die, we have to leave behind everything we have.

World only fatamorgana. Googling it for the best meaning to understand.

She Want To Broke My New Boyfriend

Remember my new boyfriend? Honda Scoopy from LINE Messanger. Yeah, the prize that I winning for. I take him to my village because I don't have anyvehicle to ride. I hope you remember him because this post is about him. But not only about him. It will be about someone else too.

Now you have to remember someone mentally crazy in my family. Yeah you're right. My big sister. Do I have to called her sister? Because all she do just want to hurt me. She has this 'sibling rivalry'. She is crazy because she has siblings. Not only me, but all of her siblings.


I will tell you something crazier than that. She met my scoopy this morning. She want to broke my scoopy by kick it when I am stop by a road. I didn't she her. But she sees me and suddenly kick it. But she didn't succeed broke my scoopy.

And the craziest things happen after that. She want fight me. So we got into a fight this morning. Besides a road. This is all happening because she thinks my mom gives me that scoopy. Hello, when she read this she have to remember, I am nothing same with her. I don't take my parent's money to buy a new motorcycle.

I don't like to do that because I am an independent girl. I am not her. She is nothing like me. I hurt my finger. Actually I even think about take this things seriously. Maybe I can make a police report about this. She is crazy and need go to mental hospital.

What do you think?

Everything Happen For A Reason

When everything ending and we don't like how it happens, we angry. We feel so bad. Want to make it better. But after all that angry  I want to remember that Allah have His faith. Everything happens for a reason. Sometime for a very big fat reason.

Although we like it or not. We have to accept. Because that is what life for if you want to happy. After every hard work, after every fight. You just have to accept what the ending brings to you.

When my life gives me a very crazy big sister all I have to do just keep my long breath and stay alive. Accept it. Because someday everything will ending. And someday she can't do anything to make me misrable.


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