8 Agustus 2013


This is 8th post, on 8th August (8th month). Funny? I just don't know what to write. Hahaha... LOL

Sorry no picture. I can't upload picture with 'gprs' internet connection. Feel so free when I don't have fast connection because I have to do something more offline. If you know what I mean.

I Need Some Meat Ball

In my hometown, my parents have meatball cafe. I can eat as many as I want it. Yeay!

Be Patient

I think internet need me to rest from online activity. They just give me 'gprs' connection. But I still have to update my blog. Please be patient. *selfie talk*

Will You Ask From The Same Thing?

I never get the same relationship with my ex. I never want it. But I don't know if my ex ask me to get back together after we are apart.

Are You Happy?

If you really happy you will enjoy it. Not update your twit on 1st Syawal.

Durian Is Calling Me

Do you miss me?

I miss you alot.

Miss you too.

Feel This Moment

I want to take every picture when I am with my family. But I've decided to enjoy the moment. Feel it. See it with my own eyes. Not from my camera. Enjoy this moment. Feel this moment.

Ied mubarak.

What Happen Today?

I was shock. Someone die today. He with his family riding one motorcycle. And other two people on one motorcycle riding too fast. Everything happen to fast. The motorcycle got accident with 5 people. The man, Pak Mastur, with his family didn't riding too fast but he died because someone hit their motorcycle. I want to take picture of that accident but I think the picture will be too disturbing.

1 Syawal, we never know, when He want us to see Him. Always think that this Ramadhan maybe our last one. Be the best behave.


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