7 Agustus 2013

Sorry For Short Post

I hope I can write more longer. At least 300 words a post but I am in vacation now. I want to enjoy the whole week with outdoor activities. See you tomorrow and Ied Mubarrak. Kiss kiss XO XO.

What Will Happen Tomorrow

I am me. But for someone else I've changed a lot. I hope I can meet all of the people from my childhood. I want to see their faces when they see me. It's been a long time though.

What will happen tomorrow?

Everyone Have Issues

I read someone write a status on her WeChat moment. She is very sad because she don't have a boyfriend. In Indonesia we called it 'jomblo'. It means you are available because you don't have boyfriend or girlfriend.

Is jomblo real big issue in someone's life when you are celebrate Ied?

I am pretty sure out there, somepeople maybe have to spend the day on Ied with empty stomach because they don't have food. Or someone don't have chance to see her family at all. But they still thankful for everything they have.

Please don't make fun for yourself just because of something like that. Allah is mighty. He know what we need in our life.

Cold Morning

This morning I have ride my scoopy in cold. Because it's raining all over my way to my village. But nothing can make me surrender. I just wanna go home and celebrate Ied with my family. So unstopable.

My body so wet because I just put a honda jacket but my trouser just ordinary jeans. I ride my bike for 4 hours and cross the sea 1 hour. I can't upload the picture because I don't have good internet connection. But I will put every picture I take when I finish my vacation.

Be Good To Me Internet

I've wrote this post before but it pending. So I write a new one. I don't get the 'HSDPA' just a little 'GPRS'. I think I can post from my phone. But with this poor internet, I am so confused.

6 Draft Pending

This is the nineth post I wrote. Because 6 posts still in publishing but for 5 hours it never published. Pending. My internet so poor here. Tomorrow I think I should go to internet cafe and post from there. I will not loose this time.

Riding My New Boyfriend

I am riding him to go to my 'home'. So tired. It took 5 hour for me and him to arrived at my auntie's home.

I Am Home

Tell me what is the meaning of home for you?

If you ask me this question I will answer: 'my grandma is my home'. She is the one I always one to see in Syawal or Iedul Fitri. I don't care where she will be or with who she is. All I need only her.

So I want to see her as fast as possible. I hope I can take picture with her so I can give you all her newest look.

So excited about tomorrow. Happy iedul fitri. Mohon maaf lahir dan batin.


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