6 Agustus 2013

My Dinner

I have a new chef friend. He makes dinner for me. Enjoy!


When someone keep telling you somecrap all over again, at some point you will find yourself immunity.

For the first, someone take a step in my life. Start talking bad things to me. Of course it will be insult, for the first time. Because is not usual thing happen. I try to keep silent and remove everybad things she put on my blog.

Now I realize, I can't make her stop. The one I can control is myself. So I try to less care about it. Shut my ear. Shut my eyes. Step away from something I don't need at all.

From now on, when I listen the same things everytime that crap came out, I get the immunity. I don't take that shit at all.

Why With This Phobia Things?

I write some posts about phobia because I don't know what I can write on every draft. I am trying to make a lot of draft but I have to get rest. I just read an article about phobia. And the phobia list is so long. I keep digging the strangest one.

If you have somephobia just put it on comment and I will find the meaning. Subcribe this blog by click the 'follow' button. Thanks for reading!


Do you believe in vampire? If you asking myself, I will say the same answer. I don't believe in vampire. But I know a phobia looks like vampire. Phengophobia is fear of daylight or sunshine. So vampire rite? Daylight is something you can avoid in your life. And sunshine? Isn't it beautiful? For somepeople, daylight or sunshine maybe frightening. Like me with loud noises. 


If you can bathed in the rain or just dancing in the rain like Bollywood movie scene you are lucky! It means you don't have ombrophobia. Because ombrophobia is fear of rain or being rained on. Raining day maybe can make us feel so romantic or something else. But for somepeople with ombrophobia, raining is the last thing they want to happen.

Weird huh?

Nothing weird about our phobia. I have phobia too and everyone was laughing at me. Even my family keep tell people about my phobia and make fun of it. They don't know how it feels living with phobia in you life. But if you really want to get rid of it. Just go to some theraphis and get cure. Somephobia can be cure if you try harder.

Do you have ombrophobia?


Why I want to talk about Logizomechanophobia? This phobia is the last phobia I want to have in my life. Because Logizomechanophobia is fear of computers. How can I be a blogger if I am affraid of the important thing to teach me about whole blogging world. I never imagine how people living with this phobia. Because when you have ligyrophobia you can avoiding loud noises.

But avoiding computers? How can I do that? Computer is the things you will see everywhere. In offices, studio, even private room have their own computer. I don't know if this phobia will fear the small form of computers. Like smartphone with the same function like computer. If you think your phobia is the most horrible phobia in this world, ask yourself again about it after you read all phobia.

Some of this phobia is so unbelieveable.


Androphobia is so different from android. So different. Nothing close about them. Androphobia is fear of men. I told about my phobia before. Do you still remember my phobia? I am not proud of it but sometime I have to tell people about it to make them understand why I keep avoiding some noises.

I am a ligyrophobian. Ligyrophobia means fear of loud noises. Sometime people think that's so funny and makes no sense at all. But I don't want to talk about my phobia in this post. I just want to tell about androphobia.

Androphobia is typically encompassed by women. Every woman need a man to live with but it's very sad if you realize not every woman feel okay with a man. If they have this kind of phobia (androphobia) they will avoiding men in her whole life. Do you have this kind of phobia?

How About Making Draft-fttttsssss?

I will take a week holiday and go hundreds miles from Pontianak. I am affraid I will have no time to writing on my blog. Because I have to write 8 posts a day. Holiday is holiday. Maybe I have to take somerest and not touching my blog for a week? But I can loose this writing challenge. I need to win it. So I am thinking about making a bunch of draft or scheduled posts?

So this is it. I will try to make draftssssss... a lot of them.

Wish me luck!

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