4 Agustus 2013

Do You Use Vine?

I install it a few weeks ago and uninstall it after a few day. Actually I don't even use it and uninstall it. How about you?

You Will Love Pontianak

I think I can't say this to every foreign tourist.
"You will love Pontianak, almost everyday is summer here."
Yeah, Pontianak have long summer. Hahaha LOL....

You Friend Request A Stranger?

Two years back, I was deleting so many facebook friend from my account. The reason is I don't know them at all. I remember when I am a facebook newbie I try to get as many as friend to my facebook, until I realize, facebook friendlist limit. So I have to delete every strangers from my account. A bunch of them really stranger, with no friend in common.

If you are no facebook newbie now, I think you should think twice to click the request friend button from someone you don't know. Stop friend request someone you don't know at all. What for? 

You Like and Comment My Old Picture?

Awkward. *krikrikrik*

This thing happen to me. A few month ago. Someone like my old picture and put comment on it, I can see that old picture is from 2008. And this is 2013. so creepy. If we know that person very well maybe we can thinking about some good reason why he looking to our old picture. But how about that person just a new facebook friend. We never know about him before.

We must assume that he is a stalker. A stranger creepy stalker. If that happen to me, I usually block that person account from my facebook. Because I don;t want to be affraid because he put comment on an old picture. And likes every old picture I had in an old album named '2008'. If you are stalking someone and want to know more about her, try another way. You can read her blog or find her on twitter.

I believe, an old post on blog never be the creepy post to comment even that post is the first post she ever write on that blog. Be nice and be uncreepy if you want to know someone. Just don't put comment and like on an old picture of someone's facebook.

Why Keep Poke People You Don't Know Very Well?

This is my biggest question I want to ask to every person who had poke me on facebook. I know we can't feel it like real poke. But it's still a poke. An imaginary poke. If this thing coming from someone I don't know I will feel so awkward. Just imagine when you walking alone on the street and someone come next to you. Starting to poke you to make you notice them. If that happen between you and someone you know very well, the answer will be okay. But how about someone you don't know very well or you don't even recognize him or her.

Isn't that will be a biggest awkward feeling ever? Or this is just me, feeling that way?

We are not a newbie on facebook. We don't need to poke everyone just to make them get notification and feel awkward. When I use facebook for the first time, I get so many pokes from everyone. I don't even know who are they. A stranger just poke all over 'me' on facebook. Still feel 'okay', but when it never stop I just try to delete every poke and block some account just to stop this poking things.

Too disturbing.

I never use that 'poke' anymore just to make someone notice me. If I need them to remember me, I can use private message and say hello to them. Asking 'how are you' and chat for a few minutes. Maybe we forget about this 'poke' we can use on facebook. But sometime someone will use it to poke us and make us remember it again. The awkward moment in our life.

If you are really newbie on facebook, please don't use that 'poke'. Because if you don't know someone very well and you poke her or him to make him or her notices you, just stop it. They will block or delete you from their facebook account.

Blogger For Android

I am trying to make myself comfort with Blogger For Android. Because I am not capable to use my computer for blogging. But I will have another stories to tell all of your. This will be a little travel of mine. I will go to a little city not so far from Pontianak. To celebrate Syawal. Finally, I don't to stay in Pontianak with no family at  all.

I will cry all day long if I can't celebrate Idul Fitri with people who  i really love and care. Last year I feel that sadness but I am not crying a lot because I have someone who really cares about me. And he stay by my side everyday. This Idul Fitri will be different, I don't have that person anymore. But I have someone who cares about me, he is so far away from me. I hope next month I can see him again.

I am using Blogger for Android to write this post and I feel okay with it. I think blogging through smartphone is not that bad at all. A little bit uncomfort will gone if I try it everyday. Although I can use my favorit font to write everypost, at least I still can write my blog post.

I still trying to write more long post. But using Blogger for Android I can't count how many words I use in everypost. But I think 4-5 pharagraph will be fine.

Did you ever use Blogger for Android before? Just put your comment about it. Feel free to be honest about it. Subscribe for my blog by click 'follow' button.

The Magic of Love

Love always come in to our life in a mysterious way. When it comes we can't say no at all. We don't have reason to love someone. We don't know how. We also don't know why. We just did. Sometime we are falling in love with someone we never expect at all. In a place we never think it will happen there. And then we just fall in love.

If you reading this with that feeling to someone you really care, just remember one thing. If you don't have reason to fall in love with someone, you don't have to try to find anyreason to left her behind. Be with her till death come between you and her.

Of course love is not only between you and your soulmate. Love is bigger than that. But love between we and our soulmate is something will make us so curious. Because he or she is someone out there. We never know who will be our soulmate forever.

We fall in love with our parents when we are born. And when we become a parent in our life we fall in love to our children. That kind of love is so normal or natural. Because we should love them. But we will have a very unique love between we and our soulmate. Something so strange and this love include sex.

Sometime we feel so lonely when we haven't met our soulmate. We have to pray to God and asking Him to giveaway our soulmate as fast as possible. But when that day come, we all will suprise how strange it would be. You will see. The magic of love.

Be What You Want To Be

If you are asking what I want to be in my only one life, I will tell you the same answer. I want to be me as a writer. This is what I do now. I love writing so much. My another hobby is selling some Oleh-Oleh Pontianak (special food from my city). But I don’t want to be somebody else. Because I know this is the best life I ever had in this world. I know I am no famous blogger, but still writing is my biggest passion in my whole life.

I feel so lucky because my parents never give my advice to be someone they want me to be. They never make me their doll and keep asking me to be someone else. My parents is the best parents ever, they let me be the person I want to be. Be the person you want to be in your whole life is the best feeling you can feel ever. Because that’s dream come true. Our life is not perfect, everyone will having some issues in their life. But that’s life about. Having issues and fix it. 

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