Ready To Marry?

A few month ago I feel so ready about taking my life to the next step. To be real woman with a husband. But know, when a few guys come into my life. Asking the same all question all over again. I have to take along deep breath. Do I really ready for a married or I am only ready for that guy? That one guy. A very special guy I ever met in my whole life.

Do I really ready or actually I am not ready at all. But I need it. I need lifemate. A soulmate for my only one life.

I don't care about how old I am now. Because married is not about your age. It's more than that. I believe that married is the biggest thing you will had in your life. My best friend, Chan, will get married soon. She have this long relationship with hetr first and only boyfriend. How great is that. Having a first love, first boyfriend, and he will be your husband soon.

Look so easy for her. But I know, having long relationship is not that easy. Long time with the same person. There will be alot of fight and misunderstanding. But they make it till the end. She really ready for it. But I keep asking myself. Do I really ready or not? I don't really know the answer. I hope I will tell you soon about my decision.

I don't want to take wrong decision by marrying someone who is not my Mr. Right or my Mr. I-looking-for-my-whole-life. I only want to marry once. No regret.

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