31 Juli 2013

Yeah I Make It!

Now I see, if I try harder, I can make it. I write a post, before this post in 7 minutes. Big day! Big day! Because a few post before takes 15-30 minutes to write. I am so glad I make it! LOL

so happy and enjoy that I find my new way in blogging. Blogging in English who would know that? I never imagine it before because my English so broken and lack vocabularies. Sorry about my weak English. I am trying to fix it. Hope you all understand what I write in everypost. This is my best today. But I will improve it. Faster and better. Make it best in one year.

Hey Honeylizious, do you have to blogging in English everyday for another year?

Actually I am thinking about blogging in English till the last day of my life. I hope I can make it till that day. This is winning day. So wonderful day of my life. I love myself. Really. If I don't love it, who will? I wonder who will, really?

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Yeah I Make It!
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