29 Juli 2013

Writing In English Is Difficult?

From an Indonesian, with lack of ability to write and speak in English writing a post in English is so hard to do. For me I have to write a short post for 30 minutes. So long. If I do it in Indonesian, it takes 5-10 minutes to write long post. Short post in my opinion is like 150-200 words. Long post 300-500 words.

Sometime I write 600 words in 10 minutes using Indonesian.

It's even harder when I have to win my challenge, write 7 posts a day in July. So it will be 7 posts a day in English. More challenge huh? I know it's really hard and difficult. But I always remember what I believe from the beginning. You can't do something not because it's hard to do, but the reason is you don't want to do it.

So, writing in English is hard, honestly, with my broken English and lack vocabulary, some help from Google Translate, but I did it! It's difficult but it's not impossible. Everything you find hard to do, just try to do it! I believe we are not fail if we are not giving up!

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Writing In English Is Difficult?
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