29 Juli 2013

What Is Winning?

Being a blogger, join so many contest, some unwinning and some winning make a clear picture for me to see. To see clearly about winning perception in my head, you have to see what your goal is. If you make your goal, you are a winner. But you make you goal not by cheating other people.

Sometime we found bunch of people didn't care about take responsibility for what they did. They don't care about hurting other feeling to be 'a winner'.

For me, I don't have cheating to be a winner. Because I believe, if you try harder than other people, you will win. Winning is winning if you honest with yourself and other people. But when you cheat for get the prize, you are a loser. You will loose everything. You can cheat on people. But remember, God know the truth.

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What Is Winning?
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