29 Juli 2013

What Is Rule?

This post will explain about what happened a few days ago. Finally I got so many people beside me to support me. To support what I believe. If some of you didn't know about my side story in 8 Minggu Ngeblog, you should read this posts.
  1. http://www.honeylizious.com/2013/07/nilai-saya-dikurangi.html
  2. http://www.honeylizious.com/2013/07/feeling-unfair-you-bet-1.html
  3. http://www.honeylizious.com/2013/07/feeling-unfair-you-bet-2.html
  4. http://www.honeylizious.com/2013/07/feeling-unfair-you-bet-3.html

It related each other. The first post will be in Indonesian because I still wrote Indonesian post. But then after that big thing happen I started to write in English. Full English. Sorry if this is broken English. No bilingual post. Because I want to. I think if I write posts in Indonesian, some of my friend have to use Google Translate to understand what I am talking about in my post. Sometime I write about my friend who don't speak Indonesian. So, I have to improve my blog using English in every post.

Back to the main story, I just want to tell every one here, that rule is something you say and write. If you never say it loud or write it, it's not a rule. When it come to a competition, there is no such 'new rule' because you have some initiatif to give another contestant big poin and you can drop me too after that.

I feel so pity with that crap. They don't know how to make a fair competition at all. And when I reject to take the second prize it's because I believe I don't deserve the second place. For me and for everybody that believe that competition is not fair, we are the winner. We don't need anyprize to make that real winning.

What a rule? Oh crap!

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What Is Rule?
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