31 Juli 2013

What Accent?

If you speak in English with me, I will try to speak English in British Accent. I think British Accent so beautiful. Although I am not so good in British Accent. I found out British Accent so sexy when I watch Sherlock Holmes from BBC. Benedict makes me fall in love in their accent. I am melting when I listen to British Accent.

Have you watch Sherlock Holmes from BBC? So sexy, you have to watch it!

I try to speak in British Accent. I hope I will speak in that sexy and beautiful accent someday. But if you listen my accent, you will find out my Chinese English Accent and some Malay English Accent. So hard to speak in beautiful accent if you speak so much language in your life. But I enjoyed so much. Because so many friends told me that I have my speciality in language.

I learn language from movies. And somepeople think that's so impossible to know other language that good from movie. But for me, that's the way I learn Bollywood Language, English, Cantonis, Japanese, and Thailand. I learn Arabic at school but it was so hard to learn. I speak bad Arabic. Better in Mandarin actually. But I can write Arabic as good as I write Mandarin.

You can listen to my English Accent here. Just play the sound.

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What Accent?
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