The Last 7

So this is the last 7. But not least because tomorrow I will write 8 posts a day. Big time! I don't know I will make or not. I hope so because I make another challenge crazily. I have to write 8 posts a day tomorrow but not in Indonesian. I have to write it full English. You can call me lunatic. Yeah I am lunatic. I am addict to my blog. I can' see no new post in one day. It's like broken hearted. Being lonely. So dead. But when I write alot posts everyday, it's make me feel so alive.

I know I write so short in one post.

I am trying to write a long post. But sometime I don't know what to write in English. So easy when I write in Indonesian. But challenge is challenge. What is the prize? Nothing. I don't give anyprize to myself. Until somebody give it to me.

Why I keep write so many post a day? Beside I am an addict to my Honeylizious blog, I don't have other things to do. I live in a small room in Radio Volare building. Really small room. But I enjoy living inside it. Because it's my room. My nest. I am saving my money to buy a house. So I can live in a better place. Not a small free room.

In my small room I keep my everything. My computer is my bestfriend here. I don't go out so much. Sometime I go out because I have to buy something. If I have my food in my room, I can't stay and not going out for days. Just writing, eating, reading, watching movie, listening to music. So alone, but not lonely, because I got everything here and I am happy with it.

This is the best thing in mylife. Do what I like everyday. Sleeping is my favorit too. I can sleep so long in a day.

So this is it. Long post for the last 7. but not the least. I will start the 8 posts a day tomorrow. So excited!
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