Tak Cayak Aku: I don't Believe It

This sentence from Indonesian Malay in Pontianak. Actually our language here, similiar with Malaysian Malay. Almost, not 100% actually. You can use this sentence to give impression that you don't believe to something. It's like 'bullshit' in English. But if you don't want use bullshit as the meaning, it's same like 'I don't believe it' or 'I don't take a shit about it'.

It's depend on how you say it. I will try to read it. You can learn how to speak Indonesian Malay here. Especially Indonesian Pontianak Malay. From my city. We use this language everyday. But not my mother language. I use another Malay language in my village. So many language we have here in Indonesia.

Now, let's practice to read it. Listen carefully.

If you know someone tell a lie you can use this 'Tak cayak aku' to her or him to show you don't believe it. But you can use another simple Pontianak Malay Language to show you don't believe to someone.

BUAL. Bual means 'you lie'.

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