30 Juli 2013

Start New Life

Writing in English on this blog, something I never imagine before. I know my English broken everywhere. But then I choose to write in English. I never learn if I never write it down on my blog. When I start using English in this blog I think I start over my blog life. I will meet a new blog friends out there, who will read broken English blog.

Most of all. I have to read English blog more often to improve my English. This is my way to learn how to speak and write in English. Every post in this blog come out with a speak version. Actually I read it from my mind to my mouth and then write it down. It's so funny, because I speak to myself in English.

Someone told me to make a new blog in English, but I really fall in love with this blog. I don't want another blog to keep my stories. This blog is me.

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Start New Life
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