27 Juli 2013

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hallo everyone.

I decided to write in English which mean I want to talk to the world. Not only Indonesian. So, today I will introduce myself in English.

We start with my name. My name when I was born is Listia Evita. I use it till I am 12 years old. But I have to change it because on my insurance card my name is Rohani SLE. SLE is an acronim for Syawaliah Listia Evita. So my full name actually Rohani Syawaliah Listia Evita. But my childhood friend always remember me as Listia or Elis.

I want to change it to Rohani Syawaliah and cut the rest of my name because I hate people bullying me because of my name. Some of my school friend call me Bilis. Because my nickname when I was a kid is Elis or Listia. Why I hate when people call me Bilis?

Okay, I will explain this. Bilis is a name for a cheap fish in the market. I feel so unwell be called like that. They insulting me by call me Bilis. So I choose to erase my Listia Evita name. Use my first and middle name only. Rohani Syawaliah.

I go to junior high school with a new name. A new identity and nobody call me Bilis again at school. Although some students bullying me by call me 'ROH' which mean 'spirit' but they mean it in the bad way. They call me 'roh' because they want to call me like a ghost. This one not so insulting me like Bilis. When I go to senior high school my bestfriend call me 'roh' too. But she didn't mean to bully me. So I am fine with that name.

College season, I start to use 'Hani' when I introduce myself to new people around me. I hope this new name will last long and everybody remember me as 'Hani'. No any name label for me in bad way. It's work!

Now, they call me Hani or Rohani. So, my name is Hani.

I am a broadcaster. I work in Radio Volare. The eldest radio in West Borneo. I have some disorientation. I speak broken English. I don't care alot of things around me if I don't like it. I always fight for what I believe.

Do we have to talk about my race? I don't want to be racist but if anybody here think I should talk about it, I try my best. My father is an Indonesian Banjarmasin, my mom half Indonesian Chinese and half Indonesian Malay. I speak broken Mandarin, almost full Hakka Chinese, 99% Malay, and of course I speak Bahasa too. Sometime I speak Japanese, Thailand, Arabic, just a little bit.

I am not a good office employee, so I don't work in office. Just a studio and my room. Sometime I am broadcaster, but I have to say I am a full blogger, twitter addict, and a West Borneo Food seller. You can check my store at oleholehponti.blogspot.com.

I love traveling and food so much. If you want to know about me more, just put comment below and subscribe by press 'follow' button. Thanks for reading.

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Let Me Introduce Myself
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