I Change Everything

Today I was trying to unfollow someblog on my dashboard because I want to follow new blog. Which always update about good things and make me happy. But I don't know what happen to Google Friend Connect. Everytime I try to unfollow it's stuck. So I choose to make another admin on my blog.

I have bunch of email. So I did make a new admin on it. And only one blog on my dashboard. I choose not to see things that make me having a bad dream and trauma. I choose to be happy and get a new life. Find a new friend from other blog. Because I don't give second trust for someone who betrayed me.

I am so happy to see, how clear my dashboard. I have to choose wisely who get my follow button. Because I don't want to get trouble for trying unfollow someblog I don't need to follow anymore. I still have myself and my challenge to win.

Can't wait till Desember.

So this is a new me. With a new life on my blog. I change everything. I clear everything. Even I can't forget about that bad things, but I deserve to be happy.
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