27 Juli 2013

I Can't Stop

I was thinking about getting holiday before my PC back to life. Hell yeah she is dead, because the electricity went off suddenly yesterday. But instead of take a day off, I install 'Blogger For Android' on my phone. So I can blogging using it.

I don't wanna loose my challenge in this blog. And I love writing so much so I have to write everyday till I die. I challenge myself to write everyday.

This is the challenges:
1. 3 posts a day in March
2. 4 posts a day in April
3. 5 posts a day in May
4. 6 posts a day in June
5. 7 posts a day in July
6. 8 posts a day in August
7. 9 posts a day in September
8. 10 posts a day in October
9. 11 posts a day in November
10. 12 posts a day in December

I still have 5 months to complete the challenges. Just wish me luck.


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I Can't Stop
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