How Broken My English?

I write alot in English lately. I am trying not to give up and write in Indonesian except I write for fiction story or contest. I hope my English not so broken and you will understand what I am saying in my post. I try to write long like I am writing in Indonesian. But sometime I don't know the words or how to explain something. I try Google Translate but that is not good enough too. She didn't understand what sentences I want her to translate. She just translate word by word. So the translate so bad. So broken. I thing my English still fine than Google Translate.

What about you? You think my broken English is better than Google Translate or not?

Why I dare to write in English? Because I need to improve my English. So everyone will understand me. Not only Indonesian or Malaysian. And yesterday I watch some video from Malaysia in his youtube channel. They speak in Malenglish. You know what I mean? English but in Malaysian ways. I didn't say that is bad or good. But I think I should try my own English. Try write, try to speak. Don't care about what's wrong with my English.

Why should I affraid of grammer or structure if most people understand what I am talking about and alot of people do the same thing like me. Speak broken English. I try my best to start blogging in English. Don't care what people thinking about my language. They should see, what I am trying to do with my blog.

I think this post long enough. So I will write another post in English.
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