28 Juli 2013

Feeling Unfair? You Bet! (2)

When I know I have skip the first week in 8 Minggu Ngeblog, I was thinking that I can't be part of them. But when I asked the committee can I join that 8 Minggu Contest in the second week? And they said, it's okay to join in the second week.

So I write like 11 posts in the second week. Because I have skip the first week. And I don't want to be a looser. I have to win this. That's all I am thinking because the 8 Minggu Ngeblog challenge suitable with my challenge in this blog.

Committee didn't say anything about new rules for contestants in this contest. They didn't say they will mark up your points if you join this contest 8 weeks and they will mark down your points if you skip one or some weeks. But when they announce the first winner, I see that is the most unfair contest I ever be. Making new rules a month later after the contest is close?

You see, feeling unfair? You bet!

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Feeling Unfair? You Bet! (2)
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