28 Juli 2013

Feeling Unfair? You Bet! (1)

Some of you maybe knew that lately I've been disappointed by 8 MingguNgeblog committee. I work hard to write 44 posts in 49 days. But they said I just write 38 posts. Beside that, they minus my poin when they announcement the winner. So my 440 points become 323, and the zolimness didn't stop until they can make me loose. So they decided to mark up some blogger points after mark down my points.

Now, it's not only about who winning the first prize. It's about respecting your own rules in the first place.

I will try to explain from the beginning. I know this contest from a blogger. She told me this is like Liga Blogger Indonesia. When I read the rules, I am so excited because it's different from Liga Blogger Indonesia. In Liga Blogger Indonesia, the committe make a limit how many posts you write in a week. But in 8 Minggu Ngeblog you can write many posts without limit. And every post you write minimum 500 words.

In the same time I am challenging myself to write more posts every month. I still remember, I start follow that contest in April. So I have to write 4 posts a day. I think my winning chance big enough. From the beginning I just want to be a winner. Although in that time I think the first prize teases me alot.

I count some blogger's posts and nobody write as many as me. But you know, they still can make me loose. How? I will write another post for you.

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Feeling Unfair? You Bet! (1)
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