30 Juli 2013

DIY: Do It Yourself

After googling it, now I know DIY meaning. DIY means do-it-yourself. I read about it in some blog and still can't understand why they put DIY on the post. Honestly I was thinking DIY suppose to be a brand. Because everybody keep using it on their tutorial blog.

So, DIY is not a brand, it's just like FYI (for-your-information) or WTH (what-the-hell). Something like that.

By the way, Google maybe our bestfriend right now. He never laugh when we asked a very simple thing. Someone will LOL me if I tell them I don't know what is the meaning of DIY if they really know what it was. So if you find something you really don't know, the best way to find the meaning just by googling it.

Thanks Google, I know what DIY means now.

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DIY: Do It Yourself
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