27 Juli 2013

Blogger For Android

Actually I don't want to type this like I am tweeting everday. Rite now I use my smartphone to blogging. Because my PC dead. Yesterday PLN (Indonesia Electric Company) off our city electricity for 50 minutes. From iftar to almost Isya. Can't believe this is happening in Ramadhan. When muslim waiting adzan for iftar.

Today I decided to write in English. No matter how broken my English is. How bad my grammer. I just need the whole world understand what I write about.

Blogging with my android not so bad because I use Lenovo A800 now. Not Galaxy Pocket anymore. The screen big enough for my cute finger. Hahahaha...

But the sad thing about blogging from blogger for android is I can't pick what font I like to use, how big the space I need, or justify the paragraph. How my English? Broken enough? LOL

I don't really care. I just want to learing by writing. Enjoy!

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Blogger For Android
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