Amanda Bynes On Twitter!

Amanda Bynes on twitter babe! Yes Amanda Bynes on twitter. Actually I do not follow Amanda Bynes on twitter. I am not so interested to know about her. But that does not mean I hate her. But people are talking about her lately.

pic from here

Celebrities always have a story about in Hollywood. I do not  understand because twitter time line does seem too crowded.

pic from here

I still remember Amanda Bynes in Easy A. Her acting so perfect to be Marianne. Probably I have watched her another movie but did not give a strong impression as her role in Easy A.

Hopefully what Amanda Bynes did on twitter is not looking for more sensation. We already saturated with celebrities's sensation from our country. Wanna know Amanda Bynes on twitter or you just look for her account on twitter just klik @AmandaBynes. I didn't know is that account really hers or not.
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